East-West Project


East-West Project
Artists' Catalogue

Exhibition Sites
City Children's Library
Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

The National library of Ukraine for children
Kyiv, Ukraine

NAI Shoushi Centre
Shushi, Nagorno-Karabakh

Exhibition Hall of the Georgian Int'l. Creative Union
Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Bridgeport Public Library
Bridgeport, CT, USA

Brooks Memorial Library
Brattleboro, VT, USA

Prosser Public Library
Bloomfield, CT, USA

Keene Public Library
Keene, NH, USA

Groton Public Library
Groton, CT, USA

University of Glasgow School of Business
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School
New Haven, CT, USA

January 2011
B'Art Center
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

August 2010
Tajik Artists' Union
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

May 2010
Kasteyev UNESCO Arts School
Almaty, Kazakhstan

December 2009
Riga National Library Ideal House Opening
Riga, Latvia

October 2009
Matignon High School Ideal House Ceremony
North Cambridge, MA, USA

July 2009
Tolstoy Foundation
Valley Cottage, NY, USA

June 2009
Farmington Public Library
Farmington, Conn. USA

Participating Schools

Arts School No. 50
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Matignon High School
Cambridge, Mass. USA

School for Deaf Children
Sofia, Bulgaria

Gesu di Nazareth School
Naples, Italy

Mara Muizniece School
Riga, Latvia

Arts School No.1
Astana, Kazakhstan

Columbia Christian School
Portland, Oregon

Matignon High School

Ideal House Awards Ceremony

North Cambridge, Mass. USA
Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

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Ideal House

I believe this would be the ideal world, because it exemplified the innocence of a child's imagination. A magical world of awe & enchantment.

Victorialyn Dugan

Matignon High School

“My vision of the ideal society makes the viewer deep into the future. In the year 3000 the planet Earth has been destroyed and the human race will be forced to live in outer space. In this picture the new Washington DC is finally completed. The residential housing is now gaily colored spheres and the downtown area is made up of free floating skyscrapers. The government is located in the two pyramids and gravity flag. This is the ideal society because it is free from pollution and gives the human race a chance to start over.”

Max Stoff

Matignon High School

My ideal community is where wind power is the main source of energy. The city is also separated into two distinct areas: rural side and urban side. Houses and buildings will be built high above the ground, leaving the land for plants and animals.

Chau Pham

Matignon High School

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